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Top Industries for Corporate Relocation

Posted on: September 15th, 2022

Corporate relocation is the complicated process of relocating employees, their families, and sometimes even entire departments of a business to a new location.

A corporate relocation agency, like NWI, provides relocation services by directing and managing the process of relocation. This includes arranging all of the necessary documents (visa, long-term stay permissions), finding accommodation (house, apartment, condo), finding an appropriate school for children, finding a job for the partner or “trailing spouse”, arranging a teacher for the family (for language training if transferred abroad) and introduce emigrants to the local culture.

While any industry can take advantage of the benefits of corporate relocation, according to the 47th annual Atlas Corporate Relocation Survey, these are the top five industries for Corporate Relocation in 2014.


Service: 44%

Some small service businesses struggle despite having qualified and dedicated management and quality business applications. In this case, the physical location of the business might be a notable factor in the company’s inadequate performance, and relocation could contribute to turning the business’s financial fates around. However, relocation is often costly, and small businesses that are already grappling financially may find it challenging to stay afloat during this transition period.


Manufacturing/Processing 27%

The relocation of manufacturing employees usually arises from the company’s will to support the growth of the business, reduce operating costs, and/or attract management. The decision to move all/part of a company’s operations is often sparked by the following reasons:

  • Inadequate current facility size to benefit from growth
  • Downsizing of operations
  • Lower labor/manufacturing costs
  • Proximity to distribution channels
  • Opportunity for government incentives

Financial 14%

Economies rise and fall. As you consider the reasons to relocate your financial business, your fundamental attention has to be on how the move may affect your bottom line. Don’t make any move without first considering all the factors for relocation and determining what the move may do to your financial customer base.


Wholesale/Retail 9%

Every year, many entrepreneurs have a “the grass is greener on the other side” thought and feel a change of location is the most promising path to growth for their business. The five main reasons Wholesale and Retail business cite for relocating are:

  • Labor and workforce issues
  • The desire to reach new markets
  • The need to upgrade facilities or equipment
  • The desire to lower costs or increase cash flow
  • Considerations about a quality of life

Government/Military 3%

The main objective of a Government or Military relocation is to fill a position that has a very specific list of requirements that usually come from many years of service. Each relocation seeks to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the federal government by placing the best man or woman in the country in the job. One of the benefits of working for the Federal Government is that they offer many programs and incentives to their employees to relocate.


At NWI, we make sure the transition of your employees is as seamless as possible regardless of your industry. By properly preparing employees in setting their expectations regarding housing and infrastructure, as well as solid training in cultural norms and language acquisition, relocating locally, nationally or internationally can be a breeze.