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How to Pack for a Corporate Relocation in 7 Steps

Posted on: December 28th, 2022

1. Draw two diagrams

The first diagram should be of your current homes floor plan and the second of your new floor plan. Sketch in your furniture on the floor plan of your current house. Then use a pencil to place your furniture into the new floor plan.


2. Start Packing Boxes

Sort your items into three categories:

  • Immediate Need – Things that you will need as soon as you move in. This category includes toiletries, sheets and pillows, necessary kitchen items and layers (in case the temperatre drops).
  • For the Move- Items youcan go a day or two without as you unpack, including kitchen appliances, decorations, TV, DVD’s, etc.
  • For Storage- Items you only need annually or during special circumstances like seasonal decorations, lawn equipment etc.

3. Label the Boxes

Title each box on top with one of the three categories from above, the room type and the contents. As an example,


Bedroom (Kelly)

Desk Contents




*Desk Lamp


On the each side of the box, write a shortened version, only including the first three lines.



Bedroom (Kelly)

Desk Contents


You must do this for EVERY ROOM and EVERY BOX. Use wide tip Sharpie and write in caps. This system will save you time as you wont spend hours searching for something specific.


4. Number Your Floor Plan

Take the second floor plan from step one and number each room. Next determine what room each box will go into and number them accordingly. For example, if you’ve numbered the kitchen “4” on your floor plan, every box you’d like delivered to the kitchen should get “Room 4” written boldly on all sides.


5. Label the Rooms

When you get to your new home, tape pieces of paper on each door coinciding with the numbers you gave each room on your floor plan from step 4. This way, the movers and helpers can place boxes within the house without your direction.


6. Give Guidance for Furniture

Hang your new floor plan sketch of furniture from step 1 near the entrance so people can see it when they arrive with furniture.

Don’t forget: you must move in furniture first. Keep this in mind when packing U-hauls or shipping containers.


7. Before you move anything into the house, make sure your new place has:

  • Toilet paper in every bathroom
    Paper towels, a sponge, and Windex
  • A working fridge (if you can turn on the fridge the night before your move. If that is not possible, turn it on as soon as get there and arrange for a cooler with ice and drinks.
  • Working light bulbs
  • A radio or another source of music
  • Temporary cups, plates, spoons, knives and forks,
  • A bottle opener and a can opener
  • Three bath towels and 2-3 hand towels
  • Hand soap and small overnight shampoo
  • A coffee machine, with coffee, creamer and filters