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How To Choose between Freight and Moving Services

Posted on: March 21st, 2023

So, you’re moving for work. How exciting! What may not be as exciting is all the preparation that goes into moving your family and all of your things to your new location.


One of the large decisions you will be making is whether to hire a freight company or a moving service to ship your household goods. It is important to understand exactly what benefits each option provides, so you are able to correctly equip your item for shipment. The two main types of services you will confront when shipping household goods are moving services and freight services.


Moving Services (Across Town Moving)

Smaller household moving companies provides moving services. While these companies usually only offer their services for full household or office moves, there are companies out there that will do smaller shipments such as individual pieces of furniture or single boxes.


Freight Services (Far and Wide Moving)

Freight service is another way to ship large household goods. While most freight shipments are for commercial goods, there are freight services are that specialize in the transportation of household goods, personal effects, autos, boats, motorcycles, pets, fine art, and antiques.


Westerberg Global Mobility Services

  • Specialized Transportation

We specialize in the transport of household goods, furniture, personal items, automobiles, boats, motorcycles, pets, fine art, and antiques and our operations staff has an average of 20 years industry specific experience.

  • High-Touch, Personalized Service

Our Global Move Specialists have a passion for providing an effective and seamless move process – from pre-move counseling and preparation to the unpacking of the last items in your new home, and beyond.

  • Meeting You There

At WGMS, we pride ourselves on our relationships with global partners. We choose our loyal partners very carefully and you can rest assured that, when you arrive in your host country, you will be treated to the same specialized service and attention to detail that you received in your country of origin.


Interested in working with WGMS? Fill out our contact form at or call us at (800) 253-1156 if you are in the USA and (847) 364-1870 if you are outside of the USA.

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