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Why Your Transferee’s First Day Of Work Does Not Indicate A Finished Relocation

Posted on: November 10th, 2022

You’ve done all the necessary paperwork, found a house, school, language program, etc. and today is your employees first day on the job in their new city. Your job is done, right?

Wrong. Just because your employee has started working, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve completed a successful transfer. Here are three of the main barriers between you and completing this tedious task on your to-do list.


They May Still Be Moving  westerberg-global-mobility-services

Anyone who has ever had to move can tell you it is a long, tedious process. As much as we would love for it to be a simple, one-day or even one-week process, sometimes it’s just not possible. From furniture shopping to the transportation of family goods and heirlooms, moving is a complex puzzle that can sometimes take months to complete.


Getting The Lay of the Land

Usually, for corporate relocations, the employee and their family are being sent to a place they know little to nothing about. Although unlikely, they may just dislike the location so much that they decide to turn back and head home.

As a company, you can try to avoid this by setting up a location visit prior to the move, giving the employee a chance to make an informed decision before accepting the position and costing you thousands in moving costs.


The Relocation May Not Stick

Corporate relocations are always done with the best intentions. Existing employees are usually moved because they are already valued within the company and they can help set-up new stores or save failing ones. For new employees, the company has high hopes that they can greatly benefit the business overall which would offset the moving costs.

Unfortunately, sometimes relocations just may not stick. That manager, who thrived in San Juan, TX, may not do so well in Chicago, IL. While there are many factors that could determine if a relocation is unstable, they are usually easier to see in hindsight.

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