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Advice For Traveling To, From, And Within Paris Following The November 13th Attacks

Posted on: November 25th, 2015

Since the deadly string of attacks that startled Paris, France, and the world on November 13th, the city has declared a state of emergency. This not only disrupts the natural state of affairs for Parisians, it is also just as (if not more so) disruptive for business travelers and vacationers within the city. This advice comes straight from International SOS, a leading medical and travel security assistance company.


Advice For Travelers in Paris

  • wgms-travelling-to-parisKeep travel documents and IDs on you at all times.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings, and look for instructions from the authorities.
  • Due to high casualties, Paris Public Healthcare system will be experiencing a strain on hospital bed availability.
  • There is a hotline for information related to the attacks: 0800 40 60 05


Advice For Inbound (And Outbound) Travelers

  • Keep travel documents and ID on your person at all times.
  • Increased security measures at all transit hubs (bus terminals, train stations, airports, etc.) mean that there will likely be travel delays both in and out of Paris.
  • Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Ukraine have also added security checkpoints at their borders. Other countries are likely to follow suit.
  • Further travel restrictions may be implemented at a moment’s notice. Prepare for delays and keep our schedule flexible to allow for these contingencies.


Advice For Companies With Employees In Paris

  • Communicate important information and advice (included above) to all staff stationed in or travelling through Paris.
  • Consider the effectiveness of business travel to Paris at this time, and postpone pending appointments if necessary.
  • Offer counseling, therapy, and/or psychological assistance to employees affected by the massacres.