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9 Tips to Becoming Comfortable in Your New City

Posted on: February 17th, 2023

Moving to a new city for work can be extremely overwhelming and isolating, especially if you don’t know anyone. Here are 9 tips to help you become more accustomed and comfortable in your new home. 


Limit repeats

You’ll never experience new people, places, or tastes if you keep opting for things you already know you like. Therefore, while you’re settling into a new city, put a temporary ban on chain restaurants, gyms and stores and fire up your inner explorer.



Leverage your Network

You may be in an entirely new place, but your old friends and acquaintances can still be useful to you. Try posting on Facebook and ask if any of your friends have buddies in the area.



Don’t be Afraid to be Alone

Even if you work your contacts, there will still be times you can’t find anyone to hang out with. Don’t use that as an excuse. Try going to a local coffee shop or bookstore, places where others come alone. Who knows, you might stumble into a new friend reading your favorite book.



Default to YES

Invited to an activity that’s way outside your comfort zone? Not sure if you’ll get along with the acquaintance asking you to coffee? Who cares, say yes anyway! You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain from that new experience.



Walk Everywhere

westerberg-mobilityAs soon as you have a moment to breathe after moving to a new city, it’s a good idea to roam your new neighborhood on foot. It’ll allow you to slow down and notice the smaller establishments and help you get a more proportional internal map of the city.

Cut yourself some slack

Don’t get frustrated if you still feel like a lonely tourist after some time. You’ve completely changed your surroundings and that takes some time to get used to. It will get better.



Resist the urge to comfort shop

The inevitably confused feelings and occasional loneliness of a new city can have you looking for quick comfort — and pulling out your credit card. Try your best to resist this impulse. This habit may put you into debt and cause other long-term problems.



Find a Place Outside of Home and Work

If you don’t yet have enough to do outside of the house, sometimes life can seem like a dull alternation of office and home. Find a third place that feels relaxing for you to escape to and be around other people. This could be a coffee shop, a park, the library, etc.



Plan things to look forward to

Regardless of your move, it always boosts morale if you have something to look forward to. It could be a trip or an outing of some kind. Just make sure it’s close enough so you don’t get discouraged waiting for it to arrive.

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