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4 Questions Transferees Will Ask And How To Answer Them

Posted on: December 11th, 2022

1. What are my Benefits?

This is the one of the most obvious, but hardest to answer, questions your transferee will ask you. If they’re going to uproot their lives, you better make it worth their while. Now, no matter what benefits you offer your employee, there will be a list of conditions and precautions to consider.

Regardless of your company’s relocation benefits policy, you need to have a more in-depth discussion with your employee to determine what their benefits package will entail. Factors like pets, the size of household, and volume of goods needing to be moved, can lead to drastically different benefits packages from employee to employee.


2. What about all of my things?

Trusting strangers with the handling of your valuables, especially sentimental items, is a big leap and the research to find a reputable moving company is exhausting. As much as you may want to help your transferees, we suggest you steer clear from answering this question. Any recommendation can make you responsible for any mishaps.

Instead, we suggest you look into hiring a relocation service like Westerberg Global Mobility Services. A relocation service will be able to help your employee find a moving company (and any other services required) they are comfortable with, and take care of any problems as they arise, leaving you in the clear.


3. What about my family?

Trying to organize an employee transfer can be extremely complicated, especially if they have a family. You have to think about helping the spouse get a job in the new city, locating schools for children, finding a pet-friendly living for Fido, etc. There is a lot to think about and the success of the transfer can result on how well the relocation goes for the whole family.

A relocation service, like WGMS, will organize a smooth transfer experience for the whole family. Our experienced staff is able to seamlessly integrate all of the family’s changes to make your employees relocation as painless as possible.


4. What if something goes wrong?

Moving, regardless of the distance, usually isn’t a smooth process. Moving trucks sometimes break down and get lost, packing is difficult physically and emotionally, and usually people severely underestimate how much work actually goes into moving. In their moment of crisis, transferees may turn to you for help because they trust you.

This is another place where hiring a relocation service, like WGMS, comes in handy. We keep track of all the details and paperwork of your relocation assignments and help your employees to solve these types of problems quickly and efficiently, leaving you to focus on larger company goals.

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