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The APAC region includes more than 40 countries including some of the more common expatriate destinations of Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and South Korea. In conjunction with our global network of quality certified agent partners, we can help make moving across the globe the wonderful adventure and experience it should be.


In addition to a wide variety of cultures and languages, each APAC country has their own complex import and export regulations and requirements. WGMS can help navigate these complexities. Through proactive counseling and planning, transitioning to a new home can be seamless and stress-free. There are myriad of details to be considered when developing a comprehensive move plan including destination residence, immigration status, and the regulations, requirements and restrictions of the origin and host countries.


Consider this…


  • Most westerners moving to Japan or Singapore will likely find less living space in their new residence. Moving a king sized bed or large sectional might not be the best choices.
  • Shipping items such as garden furniture and tools, as well as dried flowers and foliage to Australia will result in added expense and delay due to strict quarantine regulations. Some items may even be destroyed.
  • In India, Customs requires viewing 3 years of travel when considering whether or not import will be dutiable or even permissible. Those individuals holding passports issued less than 3 years must provide their original previous passport. For those departing India, the export Customs process can only begin after providing proof that the owner of the goods has departed India.
  • Import regulations vary by city in China. The number of books and other media that may be imported differs from Shanghai to Beijing to Guangzhou. Pianos are heavily restricted for import, and in some cities are prohibited. China also has a complex export inspection and permit process for those leaving China for another location which varies by immigration status.

With over 25 years’ experience, WGMS can act as your guide through the varied and complex APAC region.


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